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Even Against the Wind Teachings of the Buddha by Ajahn Khemasanto

The Noble Eightfold Path  Excellent introduction to the teachings of the Buddha.

Theravada Buddhism in America: excerpt from "Heartwood: The First Generation of
Theravada Buddhism in America" a book detailing the history of Theravada in America. 
This excerpt has links to many temples and centers throughout the country.

The Questions of King Milinda: Wonderful portion of the Buddhist Canon including general FAQ as well as similes


The Basic Method of Meditation by Ajahn Brahm

Guided Meditations by Ajahn Brahm

Meditation = Awareness  Instruction in Meditation

Meditation Timer Audio files with various lengths of silence.  A bell is run once at the start and three times at the end.

Walking Meditation Article by Ajahn Sucitto

Pali Translation:

Dhammapada in Translation: Pali/English Translation of the Dhammapada word for word (located under "Pali Lessons" Chapter 3)

Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary


Pariyatti's "Daily Words of the Buddha": This is a free daily e-mail service

The Tipitaka: Pali Cannon: On-line Database

The Tipitaka: Vipassana Research Institute Version (India)

The Tipitaka: Sri Lanka Project from Journal of Buddhist Ethics

Theravada Novice Ordination:

Ordination Procedure-Thai Tradition

Rules for the novice (sekhiyas)



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