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Pali is the "lingua franca" of Theravada Buddhism and is a version of a dialect of Middle Indo-Aryan, created by the homogenization of the dialects in which the teachings of the Buddha were originally orally recorded and transmitted.  This became necessary as Buddhism was transmitted far beyond the area of its origins and as the Buddhist monastic order codified his teachings.

*from the Pali Text Society


Chanting Guides:

Wat Lao Buddhamamakaram Liturgy

Wat Lao Buddhamamakaram Morning Chanting.pdf

Wat Lao Buddhamamakaram Evening Chanting.pdf

Wat Lao Buddhamamkaram Evening Sutta guide.pdf *2/25/08 DRAFT-some chants are still untranslated any assistance is appreciated.

MP3's Chanting by Wat Lao Monastics

Both morning and evening liturgies begin and end the same each day, however the middle section is variable.

-Morning Chanting (27:21)

     Morning Respect to the Triple Gem (5:37)

     Topics for Chastened Dispassion (3:15)

     Morning Reflection on the Requisites (2:05)

     The Lesser Sphere of Blessings (2:11)

     Verses on "He gave to me," Recollection (0:50)

-Evening Chanting (21:44)

     Evening Respect to the Triple Gem (10:04)

     Invitation to Hear the Teachings (0:44)

     By the Speaking of this Truth Blessing (0:41)

     Evening Reflection on the Requisites (2:10)

     Subjects for Frequent Recollection (1:48)

     Recollection of the Parts of the Body (2:47)

     Four Divine Abidings (1:06)

     Dedication of Merit (1:19)

-Sutta Chanting see booklet above for contents (*In progress)

     Day 1 (9:50)

     Day 2 (10:08)

     Day 3 (9:35)

     Day 4 (9:20)

     Day 5 (11:03)

     Day 6 (11:32)

     Day 7 (8:25)

     Day 8 (11:28)

     Day 9 *

     Day 10 (11:53)

     Day 11 (11:44)

     Day 12 (9:23)

     Day 13 (8:10)

     Day 14 (9:18)

     Day 15 (8:17)

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